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The advantages of Cyber Architect

EBIOS 2010 compatibility

Attack trees management

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The Cyber Architect software has been developed to help to perform EBIOS 2010 analyses, and offers, in addition to numerous transversal functionalities, knowledge bases including several security measures catalogues, the creation and export of attack trees, etc.


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Are you already carrying out EBIOS 2010 analyses? Do you have existing analysis capital? Your analysis methods are evolving and EBIOS Risk Manager can meet new needs. Do not hesitate to rely on our tool suite to update your EBIOS 2010 analyses or take them over using EBIOS Risk Manager.


Agile Risk Manager is designed to support you in the handling and implementation of risk analyses by following the EBIOS Risk Manager methodology. Take advantage of the strength of an adapted tool to focus on the fundamental values put forward by EBIOS Risk Manager: knowledge, agility and commitment.

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During this demonstration, you will receive a presentation of the Agile Risk Manager software: introduction to the ISO 27005 standard and its toolkit for cybersecurity risk analysis.

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Everything you need to build a cyber risk analysis. A framework and a workflow to ensure ISO 27005 certification for your risk analysis.

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Manage cyber risk analyses. Aggregate your EBIOS RM or ISO 27005 analyses into dedicated dashboards.

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