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Carry out risk analyses with an EBIOS RM software

Benefit from the strength of our EBIOS Risk Manager software, certified by the ANSSI. Easily implement the different workshops of the method and automatically produce the reports and results expected for your cyber risk analyses.

Agile Risk Manager guides your EBIOS RISK MANAGER analyses

Follow the EBIOS RM method step by step.

Import your existing EBIOS RM analyses from Excel.

Use all the security repositories at your disposal (internal to the tool or not)

Generate risk analysis reports in a few clicks.

The Agile Risk Manager workflow with EBIOS RM

Step 1

Import or create your risk analyses

Import your risk analyses or create them directly in the tool.

Step 2

Follow the EBIOS RM method step by step

Let the tool guide you. Fill in the necessary information and let Agile Risk Manager do the rest.

Step 3

Generate EBIOS RM analyses reports from the tool

Generate EBIOS RM reports in 1 click from your document templates or from the tool.

1st solution labelled EBIOS RISK MANAGER by ANSSI

The Agile Risk Manager software has been developed in partnership with ANSSI for the tooling of its EBIOS Risk Manager method.
The ANSSI organizes a labeling process to guarantee the adequacy of the recognized solutions with the implementation of its method.

During the FIC 2020, Agile Risk Manager received the “Client Server” label. This step marks the functional recognition of the application regarding the EBIOS Risk Manager method.

Since 2020 and at the rate of 2 major updates per year, Agile Risk Manager is constantly improved to meet all the needs around the EBIOS RM method.

French leader for EBIOS RM tools

A labelled EBIOS RISK MANAGER software

Agile Risk Manager is designed to support you in the handling and implementation of risk analysis using the EBIOS Risk Manager methodology. Take advantage of the strength of an adapted tooling to focus on the fundamental values put forward by EBIOS Risk Manager : knowledge, agility and commitment.

Follow the EBIOS RM method without effort

Perform your risk analysis with an interface and uses designed to make an EBIOS RM analysis as simple as possible. Follow the different workshops of the method without even thinking about it.

Carry out EBIOS RM analyses alone or in a team

Agile Risk Manager is designed to offer the strength and ergonomics of an on-premise heavy client solution, while enabling complete and efficient collaborative work.

From the logging of modifications by different users, the management of their roles and access to your shared analyses, to the resolution of potential conflicts, everything is done to allow you to work efficiently as a team.

Set up and customise your environment

Benefit from the strength of a complete toolkit, which guides you without restricting you. Adapt the interface to your needs. Follow the tool’s recommendations or define your own choices.


Collaborative work around an analysis is a huge challenge reveal by our software. Each workshop is accompanied by an editable graphic representation, allowing several people to work together in meetings.

Import and export your data

Agile Risk Manager is based on an open model, allowing you to retain control of your data, and to facilitate exchanges with all your contacts, whether they have the application or not.

A ready-to-use repository library

In addition to allowing you to import your own repositories, Agile Risk Manager provides you with a library of complete and documented repositories. In one click, take advantage of all the most used security repositories in the cyber world.

Automatically generate analysis reports in your own image

No need to create new report templates, keep all your document history! Agile Risk Manager interprets your existing templates and adapts them to its internal functioning. Generate formatted and documented analysis reports according to your needs in one click.


Create your own template as if you wanted to create a report in Word. Mark the fields to be replaced and then save your Word document



Import your Word template and indicate to Agile Risk Manager the fields to be replaced. Replace single fields, loop over repetitive data. Let Agile Risk Manager do the hard work.



Generate analysis report from your template in one click. Don’t waste time formatting your documents, Agile Risk Manager does it for you.


Find out what Agile Risk Manager can do for you

To quickly discover our Agile Risk Manager tool, do not hesitate to contact us to request a demonstration.

7 days free trial. No commitment.


To further enhance your EBIOS Risk Manager risk analysis and ISO 27005 analysis, aggregate and cross-reference your data and manage your entire perimeter with our Agile Risk Board solution. As a complementary tool to Agile Risk Manager, they can be used alone or together as a complete software suite.