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Cyber risks analysis

Benefit from the strength of our EBIOS Risk Manager software, labelled by the ANSSI. Easily implement the different workshops of the method and automatically produce the reports and results expected for your cyber risk analyses.

Our Ebios Risk Manager software advantages

Certified by ANSSI for EBIOS RM

Libraries of repositories

Agile & collaborative software

Reports based on your models

Monitoring and steering of SCIP

Agile Risk Manager : First EBIOS RM solution labelled by ANSSI

The Agile Risk Manager software has been developed in partnership with ANSSI for the tooling of its EBIOS Risk Manager method.
The ANSSI organizes a labeling process to guarantee the adequacy of the recognized solutions with the implementation of its method.

The version 1.0 of Agile Risk Manager was officially labeled for the Stand Alone label on June 04, 2019 during the CyberFestival marking the 10th anniversary of the ANSSI. The version 2.0 received the Client Server label at the FIC 2020, on January 29, 2020. This additional step marks not only the functional recognition of the application regarding the EBIOS Risk Manager method, but also its use in collaborative mode.

Agile Risk Manager capabilities

EBIOS Risk Manager software

Ebios Risk Manager software dedicated to cyber risk analysis

Agile Risk Manager is designed to support you in the handling and implementation of risk analysis using the EBIOS Risk Manager methodology. Take advantage of the strength of an adapted tooling to focus on the fundamental values put forward by EBIOS Risk Manager: knowledge, agility and commitment.

  • Workshop 1: Context and security base
  • Workshop 2: Risk origins
  • Workshop 3: Strategic scenarios
  • Workshop 4: Operationnal scenarios
  • Workshop 5: Risk treatment
EBIOS Risk Manager workshops

The power of a fully customizable cyber risk analysis tool

Go even further by benefiting from the strength of a complete tooling system, which guides you without restriction. Agile Risk Manager adapts its presentation to your needs, makes recommendations and gives you control over your choices. Personalize your experience:

  • Check into the integrated knowledge bases
  • Use the standard reference standards available (ISO 27001, IEC 62443, PSSIE, etc.)
  • Define your own corporate repositories to facilitate collaborative work
  • Select the workshops and activities to be carried out according to your objectives

A software allowing to Work in an agile and collaborative way

Agile Risk Manager is designed to offer the strength and ergonomics of an on-premise heavy client solution, while enabling complete and efficient collaborative work.

From the logging of modifications by different users, the management of their roles and access to your shared analyses, to the resolution of potential conflicts, everything is done to allow you to work efficiently as a team.

Recovery of your existing cyber risk analysis and of your repositories

Thanks to a data import, especially in Excel format, and a simple and open model, you can directly find your previous analyses in Agile Risk Manager. Keep your business capital to keep it alive in the tool, or simply to initiate new analyses.

This feature will also allow you to import data from standard repositories, as shown in the video opposite.

Model checker and collaborative review

Agile Risk Manager is built to support collaborative work around risk analysis. Each workshop is accompanied by an editable graphic representation allowing several people to work together in meetings.

To ensure the consistency of the data entered, and to optimize peer reviews on an ongoing analysis, rely on the model verification functionality, which uses simple business rules to point out unjustified or inconsistent elements. Navigate directly to the identified problem to facilitate its correction.

Import / Export Excel

Data exchange and collaboration

Agile Risk Manager is based on an open model, allowing you to retain control of your data, and to facilitate exchanges with all your contacts, whether they have the application or not.

Excel import allows you to easily initialise your analyses with your existing data, at any stage. You can export each table to Excel and each graph and matrix as an image, with a simple click, and reintegrate any changes via Excel.

Finally, the application can also generate a default global report that you can save in different formats, such as HTML, Word and PDF, to share a complete analysis.

Customisable Word reports

To take this a step further, Agile Risk Manager allows you to integrate your Word templates to generate custom reports and documents.

Once your template has been imported into the application, you can define the generation actions, such as the insertion of tables or graphics, the replacement of text, etc. This configuration gives you fine-tuned control over the document generation process, so that you can adapt it to your needs.

Génération de rapports Word

Discover Agile Risk Manager

EBIOS Risk Manager software

ALL4TEC organizes monthly free online training sessions to discover EBIOS Risk Manager and its implementation in our Agile Risk Manager tool. You can also request a personal demonstration below or even directly book a slot at your convenience by clicking below.


The deployment of Agile Risk Manager is closely linked to the success of the EBIOS Risk Manager method and to the certification that our solution has obtained from ANSSI. This guarantee of quality, whether in terms of compliance with the method or the use of our solution in operational teams, has convinced many players in various fields. Whether you are an industrial company, a city, an expert from a consulting firm, our application will adapt to your context and help you in the realization of your risk analyses.


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EBIOS Risk Manager software

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    Agile Risk Board

    Agile Risk Board

    To further enhance your EBIOS Risk Manager risk analysis, aggregate and cross-reference your data and manage your entire perimeter with our Agile Risk Board solution. As a complementary tool to Agile Risk Manager, they can be used alone or together as a complete software suite.