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Carry out risk analyses with an ISO 27005 software

Agile Risk Manager helps you to carry out ISO 27005 analysis. Follow the workflow proposed by the tool and easily generate risk analyses that are 100% compatible with the ISO 27005 standard.

Agile Risk Manager renders your risk analyses 100% ISO 27005 compliant

Automatically use the vocabulary used in the ISO 27005 standard.

A workflow designed to develop an ISO 27005 risk analysis as simply as possible.

Ensure the consistency and structure of your ISO 27005 risk analyses.

The Agile Risk Manager workflow with ISO 27005

ARM ISO 27005 - New project
Step 1

Import or create your risk analyses

Import your risk analyses or create them directly in the tool.

Step 2

Follow the ISO 27005 standard step by step

Let the tool guide you. Fill in the necessary information and let Agile Risk Manager do the rest.

Step 3

Generate ISO 27005 compliant analysis reports from the tool

Generate complete ISO27005 compliant analysis reports in 1 click, from your document templates or from the tool.

1st tool dedicated to ISO 27005 risk analysis!

A structured workflow to comply with ISO 27005

The standard includes a set of requirements that must be respected, but it can be complicated to respect them without an adequate method. Agile Risk Manager provides a clear workflow to guide you through the process of conducting an ISO 27005 risk analysis.

Check the consistency of the data inputted

Completing risk analysis is a complex process. Human errors are common, but not uncorrectable. Agile Risk Manager incorporates tools to analyse content and point out inconsistencies.

Help in using the ISO 27005 vocabulary

An ISO27005 risk analysis must respect very specific vocabulary. To help you in this task, Agile Risk Manager guides you step by step.

A collaborative solution

Agile Risk Manager is designed to offer the strength and ergonomics of an on-premise client heavy solution, while enabling complete and efficient collaborative work.

From the logging of modifications by different users to the resolution of potential conflicts, everything is done to allow you to work effectively as a team

Import and export your data

Agile Risk Manager is based on an open model, allowing you to remain in control of your data. It facilitates the exchange of information with all contributors, whether they have the application or not

Automatically generate analysis reports in your own image

No need to create new report templates, keep all your document history! Agile Risk Manager interprets your existing templates and adapts them to its internal functioning. Generate formatted and documented analysis reports according to your needs in one click.


Create your own template as if you wanted to create a report in Word. Mark the fields to be replaced and then save your Word document



Import your Word template and indicate to Agile Risk Manager the fields to be replaced. Replace single fields, loop over repetitive data. Let Agile Risk Manager do the hard work.



Generate analysis report from your template in one click. Don’t waste time formatting your documents, Agile Risk Manager does it for you.


Find out what Agile Risk Manager can do for you

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To further enhance your EBIOS Risk Manager risk analysis and ISO 27005 analysis, aggregate and cross-reference your data and manage your entire perimeter with our Agile Risk Board solution. As a complementary tool to Agile Risk Manager, they can be used alone or together as a complete software suite.