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Cyber Risk Analyses, done simply!

Do you never know how to start a cyber risk analysis? What information should you include? What form should it take? Surely there must be a tool to help me?! We have the solutions to all your problems.


Agile Risk Manager helps you to carry out ISO 27005 analysis. Follow the workflow proposed by the tool and easily generate cyber risk analyses that are 100% compatible with the ISO 27005 standard.

Agile Risk Board helps CISO to pilot cyber risk analisys. Agregate your risk analysis. Find clear and coherent cyber KPI’s. Monitor risks and conceive the security policy of your information system.

No idea where to begin with a cyber risk analysis?

We provide you the entire framework required to build a successful cyber risk analysis step by step. Our solution requests all the necessary information, and by the power of complex algorithms our software does the rest! What makes our software even better is its compliance with the international ISO/IEC 27005 standard, meaning the whole world can understand your Risk Analysis !

A framework for focusing on essential information.

Workflow to guide you and simplify your work

Analysis assembled piece by piece, like a set of bricks

Cyber risk analyses for the UK and the rest of the world

ISO 27005 is a framework based on an international standard. In 5 key steps, you are directed and guided through all aspects of a cyber risk analysis. But with a standard comes constraints. The aim is to be understood by the whole world, so it is necessary to speak the same “language”.

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United Kingdom

Follow the ISO 27005 framework. Fill in the information required & your analyse report will be ready.


No translation, no additional work. The shape and the content are the same for everyone. This is the power of the ISO 27005 standard.

Everything you need to carry out and manage cyber risk analysis

Develop all your risk analyses in Agile Risk Manager. Import your existing analyses or start from scratch.


Take advantage of all the most popular and widely used security repositories or import your own security repositories directly into Agile Risk Manager.


Aggregate all your analyses into dashboards dedicated to cyber risk analysis management. Make your analyses understandable for all profiles.


We are the EUROPEAN LEADER in ISO 27005 tool

Agile Risk Manager is the first solution dedicated to carry out risk analyses 100% compatible with the ISO 27005:2022 standard.


solution dedicated to the ISO 27005 standard

Anyone can do a cyber risk analysis with the right tools

Whether you are a cyber professional or a beginner, Agile Risk Manager & Agile Risk Board makes you an expert in cyber risk analysis. Let the tools guide you and perform risk analyses that are 100% compliant with the ISO 27005 standard.

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FOR ISO 27005

Everything you need to build a cyber risk analysis. A framework and a workflow to ensure ISO 27005 certification for your risk analysis.

For Risks management

Manage cyber risk analyses. Aggregate your EBIOS RM or ISO 27005 analyses into dedicated dashboards.