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Our products

  • MaTeLo Model-Based Testing tool

    Starting from requirements or user stories, testers design MaTeLo models able to automatically generate the optimized test repository.

  • Safety Architect

    Safety Architect is a tool achieving risk analysis of complex systems using functional or physical architectures from usual modeling tools.

  • Cyber tools suite

    Discover our tools suite dedicated to cyber security and allowing to perform analysis using EBIOS 2010 and EBIOS Risk Manager methods.


They put their trust in us

The major players in industry and IT have been using our tools for more than 20 years to optimize their innovations and make their software more reliable.

  • Matelo Axa

    The MaTeLo models have allowed us to better understand our processes, the quality of the test coverage has doubled and we have gained 30% productivity on the overall test activity.

    Country Test Manager
  • Matelo Euronext

    With MaTeLo, Euronext has improved productivity by between 10 and 20% for testing new projects and 40% for maintenance projects.

    Head of Quality Assurance
  • Matelo Renault

    We model the behavior of autonomous vehicles and their environment using MaTeLo. We are abble to increase the test coverage by reducing the simulation time.

    Adas Testing Manager

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