Pilot your risk analyses

Agile Risk Board helps CISO to pilot cyber risk analysis. Agregate your EBIOS RM risk analysis build with Agile Risk Manager. Find clear and coherent cyber KPI’s. Monitor risks and conceive the security policy of your information system.

Agile Risk Board transforms your risk analysis

Aggregate all your analyses in a table in a few clicks

Automatically connect your analyses from AGILE RISK MANAGER

Edit & customize your tables and charts in 2 clicks

Collaborate in real time on the same tables and charts

The AGILE RISK BOARD workflow with your analyses

Step 1

Import your risk analyses

Import your risk analyses from Agile Risk Manager or from an Excel file.

Step 2

Aggregate your risk analyses

Combine all the analyses you wish to gather in one click.

Step 3

Build your cyber indicators

Build your indicators using a visual editor.

Manage all your risk analyses from a single platform

Aggregate your risks analysis

Agile Risk Board is a tool for managing cyber risk analysis. It allows you to aggregate all of your risks analysis within a single database.

Get a cross-sectional view of your risks and bring to light new information present in your data which has not been previously exploited.

Exploit all your data sources

The sources of available information have multiplied in recent years. While Excel remains the dominant format, the formats are multiplying, as is the nature of the data available

Agile Risk Board is much more open, natively integrating information of various kinds. You can therefore capitalise on your own analyses but also enrich them with external data.

Collaborate and share information

Share your dashboards easily. Define access levels for each user. Focus on key metrics for decision makers.

Build an over-time continuous safety improvement plan to manage the implementation of new cybersecurity measures.

Agile Risk Board gives you different perspectives on all your risk analysis data.

A visual editor to build your risk summary

Today’s cybersecurity businesses are very diverse, and each activity presents the ability to visualise data in a particular way. Agile Risk Board provides a visual editor that allows you to nest data processing operations easily using a set of bricks. Format your data block by block!

A global and graphical view to make the best decisions

Easily create and maintain your CISO tables and highlight the actions to prioritise in a few clicks. Automatically monitor the progress of your risk analysis by automatically generating a global and graphic version of your projects

Find out what Agile Risk BOARD can do for you

To quickly discover our Agile Risk Board tool and start building a clear and tool-rich view of your cyber risks, please contact us via the form. You can also book a time slot for a personalized online demonstration.

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During this demonstration, you will receive a presentation of the Agile Risk Manager software: introduction to the ISO 27005 standard and its toolkit for cybersecurity risk analysis.

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Are you already carrying out ISO 27005 analyses? Agile Risk Manager can assist you in performing these analyses and is entirely dedicated to this standard. As a complementary tool to Agile Risk Board, they can be used alone or as a complete software suite.

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