About us

ALL4TEC is an independant software publishing company. ALL4TEC has been a pioneer in Model-Driven Engineering. For 20 years, our tools are dedicated to fundamentally improve testing, reliability and quality of complex and interconnected systems. ALL4TEC deploys all around the world its tools throughout various domains such as Transportation, Defence or Information Systems. ALL4TEC supports the community of engineers who build and develop systems for the future.

Our R&D activities and our historical collaborations with laboratories (INRIA, CEA LIST, ARMINES) and major industrial companies (RENAULT, THALES, NAVAL GROUP) through collaborative French and European projects place ALL4TEC as a key partner in the innovation in the most advanced areas of software engineering. This technological advance allows us to renew our ambitions to impose the company as a strategic partner of the major contractors on quality and safety of complex systems, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

The organization of the company is inspired by the model of the liberated companies: flat structure to improve individual initiative and collective intelligence, agility deployed on all projects, total transparency in the face of employees. This new organization has strengthened the confidence of our customers and reflects the investment of our employees and the values of the company: permanent innovation, openness to others and the human being.

ALL4TEC at a glance:

  • 20 years old
  • + 30 engineers and doctors
  • + 50 customers on 5 continents
  • + 500 licenses deployed and supported
  • 2 sites in France : Laval (53) et Massy (91)

Moreover, ALL4TEC is involved in several R&D project, among which:

  • FUI DISTA - Distributed Testing Automotion
  • FUI REPLICA - Plate-forme de validation et de simulation des véhicules autonomes français
  • ECSEL AQUAS - Aggregated QUality Assurance for Systems
  • AMASS - Assurance & Certification of CPS
  • RAPID "COSS2" - Safety / Cyber Co-engineering in our tools
  • SVA (IRT System X) - Project for the simulation of the autonomous vehicule security
  • BPI France financing - Integration of artificial intelligence technologies in our tools
All4Tec Paris


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91300 MASSY

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Rue Ferdinand Buisson
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