Agile Risk Manager

Evaluate and manage your cyber risks

Agile Risk Manager is a tool performing your cyber risk evaluation and management. It is fully compliant with the EBIOS Risk Manager standard from ANSSI and it allows to create, customize and enrich your knowledge bases, perform your risk analysis and build the attack graphes identified in your cyber kill chain.


Fully compliant with EBIOS Risk Manager
User friendly graphical edition
Collaborative work in agile workshops
Risks management over time

EBIOS Risk Manager

Lead your risks analysis easily and efficiently, by involving all the concerned actors in the 5 workshops defined by EBIOS Risk Manager. Use only the workshops and features which fit your needs or benefit from the whole features and quotation and evaluation methods. The tool is built both to guide a beginner and to let completely free an expert or a manager in the definition and the monitoring of its analysis. The ALL4TEC commitment inside the EBIOS Club and its involvement in the context of the call to contribution published by the ANSSI lead us to make Talos evolve continuously and to adapt it to the norms to come.

User friendly graphical edition

Visualise graphically your system and your risks analysis, with the links between elements, your cyber kill chain and how the scenarios are organised amongst its different steps. Customise the representations according to your preferences and reuse these pictures in your analysis reports.

Monitoring and metrics

Follow your analysis evolution in real time thanks to dedicated metrics. Visualise the progress of your analysis and see at a glance what remains to be analysed to answer to your security objectives.


Generate automatically the full reports of your analysis, and export them in PDF or Word format to share your results. The reports content can be customised to focus on what you expect.

EBIOS Risk Manager compatibility

Dedicated workshops

Professional support