Safety Architect features

Global methodology
Safety Architect use an iterative methodology allowing to generate automatically FMECA and fault trees.
Imports / exports
Import datas from your existing models to ease the start of safety analysis on your systems.
Graphical analysis
Visualize graphically your system and use representations dedicated to the safety analysis to control the failures propagation.
Consistency control
Control in its entirety your system and your safety analysis, according to customisable rules.
Global propagation
Simulate the failures propagation in your system and trace those that reach a feared event and generate automatically the related fault trees.
Visualise the content of your model through specific dashboards : manage the progress of your analysis, check each event probability, etc.
Reports and fault trees
Export the generated fault trees to dedicated tools, such as FaultTree+, and create your analysis reports, recordable in Word, PDF, or HTML.
Feared events management
Create and share feared events libraries between your projects, organise them to perform detailed analysis or group them by family to perform higher level analysis.
And much more !
Automatically generate the local analysis equations using adapted strategies, merge your models to capitalize on previous analysis or to work in teams, and many other features to discover.

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