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Alstom Transport has chosen MaTeLo tool for the REGIOLIS TCMS validation. From specification sheets, models are created, and then test cases are automatically generated. NI TestStand executes/interfaces with test sequences on a test bench, as host or target mode.
Validations sheets are automatically created and integrated:

  • generated MaTeLo test cases
  • requirements covered by MaTeLo test cases
  • the TestStand generated test sequence

Finally, the user accesses the validation report in cluding the TestStand execution report, with the status of each requirement test of the function.


PSA - Valeo

During this UCAAT presentation, a methodology have been proposed to improve the ADAS validation using MaTeLo.



Presentation done at the UCAAT conference, to present an industrial case study for Model Based Testing of a Smart TV system. An iterative model refinement approach has been proposed, to increase systeme test effectiveness, and this has led to the detection of new faults in each iteration.



Combination of MaTeLo test model and Matlab/Simulink system models.



Based on a proof of concepts observations, MaTeLo can help for projects implementing new technology with limited integration. Agile projects are also good candidates as the creation of the model based testing immediately also documents the flow and allow better comprehension by the developers, while test cases can quickly be regenerated.

While the quality of the requirements remains important for Model Based Testing, it allows to compensate partially as the tool forces/helps the tester to think through the processes at the different use cases.



Most of the driving forces for Model Driven Development are in automotive very same like in any other areas of software systems development:

  • post release bug fixing costs grow exponentially
  • requirements often change and are often wrong what is the main reason of late projects
  • time to market is pretty crucial for product success

Modeling is present in automotive development since 80s because of simulations. It was very natural path to get from model based simulation into model driven development and testing at 90s.



Instead of defining huge database of tests based on the customer or internal, our idea with MATELO is to define test models and automatically generate the corresponding test cases. On our bigger project, we have currently almost 12000 test cases, all have been written manually and reviewed one by one.

The Model Based Testing approache has called us to mind, as the benefits seems important: we had to verify it with MATELO.


SOLOCAL (Pages Jaunes)

Pages Jaunes uses MaTeLo to validate its information system and has taken advantage of the "Journée du Test Logiciel (JFTL)" event to explain its feedback about our tool deployment, used to test the website


BNP Paribas

Example of a banking application validation at BNP Paribas.



Feedback about the validation of the Pan-European Euronext stock market notation engine and its information system, using Model-Based-Testing.


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