MaTeLo Model-Based Testing tool

A Model based testing tool

Starting from requirements or user stories, testers design MaTeLo models able to automatically generate the optimized test repository.

The test strategy is based on requirements, risks, usages, equivalence classes combinatorics, in a determinist or stochastic approach, to have the highest coverage with the minimum tests to execute.

MaTeLo synchronizes its referential with many test benches or ALM to execute automatically or manually the test campaigns.


Generate tests using different strategies
Manage fully and finely the test until their scripting
Modelise graphically the system and its usages
Capitalise on your models for further iterations
Improve the coverage while reducing the amount of tests
Detect defects earlier to limit their impact
Start easily with ready to use patterns for any kind of system
Fast ROI on new projects and doubled on maintenance

Graphical design

Starting from the functional requirements, you can design your system and interactions with its environment. MaTeLo usage models are based on the drawing and configuration of states, transitions and conditions. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, combine requirements for traceability, inputs for stimulation, outputs for verification, treatment functions to compute dynamic stimulation or verification, and test operations to automate test benches. From a unique usage model, you have at your disposal an exhaustive list of configurations for your tests.

Generate test cases and test suites

Off-line mode

Configure your test strategy: regression, confirmation, sprint, combinatorics, requirement, risk, data driven etc. either with a determinist or a stochastic approach. Automatically generate test suites composed of reusable test cases with the best coverage for a minimum set of tests, through your requirement traceability.

Execute your tests directly

NEW ! On-line mode

Using On-line mode, execute your test cases in real-time from MaTeLo:

  • they will always be different and with an optimised coverage
  • you can fill from one end to the other heteregoneous automates

No need to write any code. MaTeLo allows you to increase your productivity by almost 40% for iterative test and improve your system reliability.

Manage your test data

The test data management module is natively integrated in MaTeLo and allow to connect to more than 800 data sources. It will help you to:

- Create test data extracts

Quickly create virtual copies of test data so that each tester has their own data. This approach significantly reduces data volumes, test time and costs.

- Generate consistent and sufficient test data

Generate on demand the necessary data sets for your campaigns, corresponding to the needs of each tester while ensuring their consistency and viability to maximize the coverage of your tests.

- Manipulate your test data throughout the validation process

Use dynamic forms to search, view, analyze and manipulate test data. Powerful data mining features allow you to identify and locate data from multiple sources to connect them to your test plans quickly.

Interface with external tools

The MaTeLo repository can be automatically transformed into a language for test automatons or test benches, using action keywords or scripted portions of script. MaTeLo is compatible with a large ecosystem: TestStand, UFT, Selenium, XML, C, Scade, Junit, VeriStand, custom script, etc. and directly enables the automatic execution of your test campaigns.

MaTeLo repository can also be exported to ALM suites such as HP ALM Quality Center, Squash or Test Link. ALM synchronization is bi-directional, and MaTeLo resources are stored into the ALM for collaborative work purposes.


MaTeLo is a very rich tool. In this section, you can find the main characteristics of the product.


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They believe in MaTeLo

MaTeLo is used by more than 500 users in domains such as automotive, internet, stock exchange, avionic, defence, energy, transport and telecom. Try our tool for free and be the next to generate automatically your test repository. Earn time and increase the quality!

Matelo Axa

The MaTeLo models have allowed us to better understand our processes, the quality of the test coverage has doubled and we have gained 30% productivity on the overall test activity.

Country Test Manager

Matelo Euronext

With MaTeLo, Euronext has improved productivity by between 10 and 20% for testing new projects and 40% for maintenance projects.

Head of Quality Assurance

Matelo Renault

We model the behavior of autonomous vehicles and their environment using MaTeLo. We are abble to increase the test coverage by reducing the simulation time.

Adas Testing Manager

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