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Our cyber and safety risk analysis tools are used on a daily basis by experts, managers and independent consultants in a wide range of fields. Discover below our references by domain.

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We are historically established in the defence sector through operational safety. The intrinsic sensitivity of the data and projects in this field, combined with a strong risk management culture, have enabled us to widely deploy our tools with the EMA, the DGA, and the entire associated industrial chain.

Domaine de la Défense
Domaine avionique

Avionics industry

From design to operation, the avionics industry has a high level of maturity in cyber security as well as operational safety. The creation of Agile Risk Manager with its collaborative mode approved by ANSSI was an important factor in our deployment in this area.

Space sector

The space sector is at the forefront of their activities. It must take up major challenges and maintain them over time after the deployment of their systems. We make a point of supporting them and guaranteeing the follow-up over time of the results produced thanks to our tools.

Domaine Spatial
Domaine industriel


The industrial field is varied and brings naturally with it complex problems due to the variety of its activities. The strong links with subcontractors, customers and partners are the strength of this network of entities, but are also a source of vulnerabilities to be monitored to protect the entire chain and these actors. The agility promoted by our tools, the ability to adapt to the contexts of each, and the seriousness of our commitments have won over many manufacturers.

Health and Medical

Cybersecurity is at the heart of the concerns of directors of health care institutions, public authorities and users. The Excel files used for risk assessment and control are no longer adequate in the face of new sources of threats and increasingly sophisticated attacks. Agile Risk Manager allows you to control risks through detailed studies of potential threat sources, attack scenarios, taking into account the ecosystem of the healthcare institution, possible impacts, and security measures to be taken.
Secteur public & collectivités

Public Sector & Communities

The generalization of cyber security issues leads all sectors to take these aspects into account in their activities. Cities, the health sector, etc. provide regular examples of attacks that disrupt or paralyse their services. With our guided and graphical solutions, the awareness of the different actors and stakeholders is immediate, to progress quickly and efficiently.

Consulting and Services

In full expansion to accompany all market players, service and consulting companies are important relays to bring expertise and key skills related to cyber security. To help to perform an analysis and produce the necessary reports, our tools can be easily integrated to exchange with end customers or work as part of an extended team when the scope requires it.

Service & Conseil

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