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French leader in EBIOS RM and ISO 27005 tools

Our Agile Risk Manager tool is the first solution labelled EBIOS RM by the ANSSI. It is also the first dedicated solution to carry out risk analyses 100% compatible with the ISO 27005:2022 standard.


solution labelled EBIOS RM by the ANSSI


solution dedicated to the ISO 27005 standard

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French and European recognition

We have been recognised by the French label “France Cybersécurité” as well as by the European label “ECSO” for our services and solutions dedicated to cyber security.

Carry out EBIOS RISK MANAGER analyses

Agile Risk Manager (labelled EBIOS RM by ANSSI) allows the evaluation of cyber risks by implementing the EBIOS RM method. Follow the workflow of the EBIOS RM method in the tool and perform risk analyses very easily. Generate pre-formatted analysis reports automatically and in your image.

Carry out analyses that are 100% compatible with the ISO 27005 standard

Agile Risk Manager also integrates the workflow and vocabulary associated with the ISO 27005 standard. Let the tool guide you and perform risk analyses that are 100% compatible with the ISO 27005 standard.

Manage and aggregate your risk analyses

Agile Risk Board helps CISOs drive cyber risk analysis. Aggregate your EBIOS RM risk analyses built in Agile Risk Manager. Build clear and consistent cyber KPIs. Visualise the risks and design the security policy for your information systems.

Dedicated tools for your risk analyses


Carry out EBIOS RM and ISO 27005 analyses

Let the tool guide you. Focus on the added value of your analyses.


Automatically generate analysis reports

Model your templates and indicate the areas to be filled in. Then generate a complete report in 2 clicks.


Aggregate your risk analyses

Gather your risk analyses into a single dashboard. Effortlessly merge the data from your analyses and manage your perimeter globally.


Build your cyber indicators

Agile Risk Board offers you pre-built cyber indicators or helps you build your own from your data.

Everything you need to perform and manage cyber risk analysis

EBIOS RM and ISO 27005 experts to advise you

Do you have any questions about the integration of your risk analyses into our tools or about the way they work? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Un accompagnement et des formations pour prendre en main nos outils

Nos outils sont dédiés aux analyses de risques. Ces sujets sont complexes et nécessitent un socle de connaissances minimum. Nous vos proposons 2 types de formations.

Une formation gratuite

Une formation dédiée

ALL4TEC, a stakeholder in the French cyber ecosystem

As a cybersecurity expert, we are part of a network of cybersecurity associations and professionals. Through this network, we actively participate in the evolution of cyber security and its implementation.

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Carry out cyber risk analyses with an EBIOS RISK MANAGER labelled tool by the ANSSI.

ISO 27005

Everything to ensure ISO 27005 certification for your risk analysis.

Risks management

Manage cyber risk analyses. Aggregate your EBIOS RM or ISO 27005 analyses into dedicated dashboards.

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