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Starting from requirements or user stories, testers design MaTeLo models able to automatically generate all the optimized test repository. The test strategy is based on requirements, risks, usages, equivalence classes combinatorics, in a determinist or stochastic approach, to have the highest coverage with the minimum tests to execute. MaTeLo synchronizes its referential with many test benches or ALM repositories to execute automatically or manually the test campaigns.

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 Safety Architect

Safety Architect is a tool achieving risk analysis of complex systems using functional or physical architectures from usual modeling tools (for example SysML or UML based tools). Based on a functional or physical definition of the system, Safety Architect allows to perform a kind of local FMECA and automatically deducts the FTA corresponding to the identified feared events.

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Cyber Architect

Cyber Architect is a tool performing security analysis of complex system. Based on a standards like EBIOS or PSSIE, Cyber Architect allows to create, customize and enrich your knowledge bases, perform your security analysis and automatically deduct the attack trees corresponding to the identified feared events.

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