Cyber Architect - First Steps

Create a new project:

  1. Click on the New project link
  2. Enter a project name
  3. Click on the Next button
  4. You can select knowledge bases in the reference base to import in your project
  5. Click on Finish

Screenshot from step 1 to 3Screenshot from step 4 to 5


Define the analysis perimeter:

  1. Etablish for each activity of the module, the necessary knowledge bases for your project
  2. Click on this kind of icon to create a new knowledge base
  3. Click on this kind of icon to create
  4. Double-click on a cell to enter on edit mode

Screenshot from step 1 to 4


Define the feared events:

Open the scope of the project is defined and enriched:

  1. Select the knowledge base of the feared events
  2. Generate the feared events automatically
  3. Select a feared event in the base
  4. Select knowledge base
  5. Select an element to apply on the feared event

Screenshot from step 1 to 5


Define the threat scenarios:

On the same principle as the feared events:

  1. Create a new threat scenario
  2. Select in the list a threat scenario
  3. Sélect a knowledge base
  4. Sélect an elements to apply on the threat scenario

Screenshot from step 1 to 4


Establish the risks:

After defining the feared events ans the threat scenarios:

  1. Create a new risk
  2. Select a risk in the base
  3. Select a knowledge base
  4. Select the elements to be applied to the threat scenario
  5. Click on the Identify the security goals activity
  6. Click on Show table
  7. Double click on the treatment cells to edit them

Screenshot from step 1 to 4

Screenshot from step 5 to 7


Study the security measures:

  1. Select a risk
  2. The information of the risk is displayed in the treatment risk
  3. Click on Treat the risk
  4. Sélect one or more security measures
  5. Click on OK
  6. Double click on the supporting assets and the primary assets cells to edit them
  7. Click on the Implement the security measures activity and define the knowledge bases
  8. Click on Show table in the Action plan
  9. Double click on the cells to edit them

Screenshot from step 1 to 6

Capture d'écran des étapes 7 à 9 du module 5Screenshot from step 7 to 9


Going further:

Cyber Architect also offers the possibilities:

  • To generate and edit the attack trees directly within the tool with a graphical editor. The feature Run the propagation is available in the toolbar.
  • To export each knowledge base under spreadsheet (.xls), as well export the attack trees to third tools, as FaultTree+ and Arbre Analyste.