Cyber Architect features

EBIOS compatibility
Drive your security analysis easily and efficiently following the 5 modules integrated in Cyber Architect, defined by the EBIOS methodology and reuse the standard knowledge bases included.
Graphical and tabular analysis
Use intuitive graphical representation to perform security analysis and to display and enrich attack trees, or use tables to work on large information panel. Both of them are synchronized, and you can switch from one to the other.
Import projects
Import information from your existing models to make it easier to start and initialise your security analysis, or create your project from scratch directly in the tool. Data coming from other Cyber Architect project, usual modelling tools, like Rational System Architect, or even from Excel sheets are directly importable.
Study of the context
Set the boundaries of your study and define its context. Configure and customise the metrics and evaluation criterion of your analysis or based it upon the included standards.
Feared events definition
Describe the feared events related to your analysis. Rely on the context defined and the selected criterion to generate automatically the feared events covering all the potential combinatorics.
Threat scenario specification
Analyse and estimate the threat scenario leading to feared events. Define the relations and sequences between those scenarios, and thus organise the content of the generated attack trees.
Risks evaluation
Identify the risks related to your system by linking the feared events and threat scenarios. Evaluate the risks and define the associated treatments to fulfil your security objectives.
Security mesures application
Finalise your security analysis and build an application plan for the selected security mesures in order to validate the risks treatments and know the residual risks.
Attack trees
Performing a security analysis set the needed information to allow the automatic generation of the corresponding attack trees. These ones can then be exported to dedicated tools, as FaultTree+ or to any tool able to read OpenPSA format, like ArbreAnalyste.
Each step in the security analysis can be used to build a report by extracting your project data, to a format readable by any office software, like Excel. A final report is also available to summurize your analysis results.
And much more !
Define your own knowledge bases, merge your projects to capitalise on previous analysis or to work as a team, and many other features to discover.

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