Cyber Architect

Automate your security analysis

Cyber Architect is a tool performing security analysis of complex system. Based on a standards like EBIOS or PSSIE, Cyber Architect allows to create, customize and enrich your knowledge bases, perform your security analysis and automatically deduct the attack trees corresponding to the identified feared events.


Based on EBIOS, but fully customisable
Compliant with all the engineering loop
Integrate security analysis and design of your systems
Capitalise on your analysis data and results
Generate your analysis reports and attack trees
Reduce the analysis time and cost

Easy to take in hand

Be guided by the steps of the recommanded methodology and reuse the data from standard knowledge bases to start easily your analysis. Benefit from edition facilities, search and filter features on each module and ensure that your analysis data are consistent thanks to their save in a domain specific model and not in a textual format like with Excel.

Full EBIOS compatible

Drive your security analysis easily and efficiently following the 5 modules integrated in Cyber Architect, defined by the EBIOS methodology. Use only the modules and features which feat your needs. Indeed, the software is build to be able to guide a beguinner and let an expert user free to choose the activities that he wants to perform its analysis .

Creation or import of models

Import information from your existing models to make it easier to start and initialise your security analysis, or create your project from scratch directly in the tool. Data coming from other Cyber Architect project, usual modelling tools, like Rational System Architect, or even from Excel sheets are directly importable.

Monitor analysis metrics

Monitor in real time your analysis evolution with the identified risks and their evaluation, shared by assets or globally. Gauge in the blink of an eye your feared events distribution by severity. Finally, export all the graphics of your choice as pictures to enrich your reports.

Graphical and tabular edition

Use intuitive graphical representation to perform your security analysis and to display and enrich generated attack trees. Or use tables to work on large information panel. Both of these representations are synchronized, and you can even switch from one to the other at any time.

Attack trees generation

Automatically generate attack trees from the risks and feared events defined in your analysis. This attack trees can be exported to dedicated tools, as FaultTree+ or to any tool able to read OpenPSA format, like ArbreAnalyste.


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Cyber Architect is used for projects in various domains, such as defense and transport. Try our tool for free and be the next to automate your security analysis.

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